Our Culture

It’s about the People, the Culture, and the Flexibility

RPB genuinely strives to promote a flexible, friendly, and supportive environment. You’ll find our team to be not only bright, knowledgeable, and motivated, but committed to your development and success, as well. This commitment stems from two defining aspects of our culture:

  1. Collaboration
  2. Family-oriented camaraderie

We strongly believe the key to success is collaboration—when everyone helps one another, everyone wins. Hence, at RPB, doors are open, colleagues and superiors are friendly and helpful, and everyone pushes one another to succeed. Unsurprisingly, this collaborative effort is bolstered by the other defining aspect of our culture: our family-oriented camaraderie. One of the advantages of being a mid-size firm is that we’re much more family-oriented than our larger, profit-centered competitors. Because of our size, there’s rarely an unfamiliar face wandering the halls. New employees often express how welcome, comfortable, supported, and encouraged they feel, not to mention how quickly they get to know everyone in the office. One of the catalysts for these sentiments is our Buddy System.

The “Buddy System”

These days, it’s not difficult to find companies touting a mentor program. However, it’s a bit more difficult to find companies with buddy systems. Since everyone is committed to a collaborative culture at RPB, everyone is your professional mentor. We created the one-year long Buddy System as an “informal” mentor program to help new employees feel comfortable and gain their bearings more quickly. Because of the Buddy System, employees feel they’re a part of the RPB team sooner than their counterparts at other firms. Needless to say, the program has been an extraordinary success and employees are grateful for its existence.

A Fun, Relaxed Environment

We believe work should be more than just a way to make a living; rather, it should be meaningful, challenging—and when circumstances allow—fun. That’s why we constantly encourage team bonding and building events:

  • Regular employee-planned after-work outings
  • End-of-season tax parties, holiday parties, family bowling, Brewer games, etc.
  • Stress relief catered lunches
  • Community service days followed by employee picnics
  • Employees enjoy the option of wearing jeans when working in the office
  • Casual (jeans) office attire