Individual Tax Services

Preparing your own tax return may be inexpensive at the time of preparation, but it can quickly transform into one of the more expensive decisions you make. The Internal Revenue Service and State governments continue to penalize mistakes and omissions on returns at higher and higher amounts. Unsurprisingly, failure to know the tax laws doesn’t excuse you from these penalties, and missing hidden deductions, credits or other tax benefits can be even more costly than being penalized for mistakes.

Now consider the costs of an audit with late fees and interest rates (topping 18%) in addition to the costs of a poorly self-prepared return and you can begin to see how expensive it can become.

The RPB Difference

Ultimately, having an expert handle your individual tax preparation is often the best—and least expensive—solution. Our tax department is comprised of experienced, licensed Certified Public Accountants, backed by over 100 years of RPB’s industry knowledge. Taxes are what we do.

Our Individual Tax Services Include:

  • US resident returns (including resident aliens)
  • US Non-Resident returns
  • All US States and local returns
  • Amended returns