Employee Testimonials

I had two internships with RPB during college, so I was fortunate to really get to know the Firm and decide that it was the right fit for me. What made me choose to begin my career here is the culture at RPB—unlike larger firms you get a chance to know everyone on an individual basis; you get to work with some great people! You also get the opportunity to work on a variety of business types and are involved directly with the entire process of jobs from start to finish.

Eric Kennedy, Senior Accountant

Certified Public Accountant

RPB is the perfect size firm that allows for new hires to dive right in. The Firm has an open, friendly environment - everybody is so easy to talk to and help if you have any questions. In addition, there are many opportunities for advancement within the firm. The people – including clients and co-workers, the work flexibility, and the diversity of the work are some of the items staff members find most satisfying about working at RPB.

Mathew Haugen, Manager

Certified Public Accountant

I moved from Los Angeles to Milwaukee and was very fortunate to get hired at RPB. This is my first public accounting position and I have learned a lot in my first year here. All of the employees are friendly and willing to help you with any questions you may have no matter what area you are working on, even if they are not working on that assignment with you. I would definitely have to say that my favorite part of working at RPB is the people I work with. Work culture is important to me as you spend so much of your time at work interacting with your co-workers.  

Dilcia Alkhaldi, Staff Accountant

UW Whitewater has a spring internship program that I participated in. After the interviews and matching process I was employed by RPB for tax season in the Madison offices. After the tax internship they offered a summer auditing internship in the Milwaukee office, which I accepted. The following year, during graduate school, I had a few days off from classes and was able to help out in the Madison office for another tax season. Upon completing that, I received a full-time offer in the Milwaukee office. I immediately accepted as I had really enjoyed working out of all three offices and loved the culture and balance that RPB offered. I never wanted to work for a large accounting firm and the size of RPB was perfect for me. I know everyone in the firm and am able to receive guidance and support from all levels.

Brooke Thompson, Senior Accountant

Certified Public Accountant