Tax Services

It’s no secret the U.S tax code can be overwhelming. As the oldest registered CPA firm in Wisconsin (RPB was founded in 1907) we understand why all too well: it’s a bloated and convoluted system. For instance, there are federal and state personal income taxes; business income and payroll taxes; sales and use taxes; estate taxes, unemployment taxes, foreign taxes…you get the idea. Furthermore, all of these considerations are intricately interwoven and need to be carefully planned out, reported, and frequently reviewed so hard-earned cash isn’t left on the table (or so the IRS doesn’t find cause to conduct one of their dreaded audits).

The RPB Difference: Knowledgeable Tax Accountants that Dig Deeper

Our tax preparation services will help create a plan tailored to your business and personal financial position. We base our plans on two important factors: your needs today and your goals for tomorrow. How do we do this?

    • More on-site time. We get to know your business through-and-through with more quality on-site time than most firms. Not only does this allow us to better understand the intricacies of your business, it fosters transparency and communication – two very important aspects of tax preparation.
    • Highly trained staff. Business owners can be unaware of “hidden” deductions and tax breaks they’re legally entitled to. Thankfully, our knowledgeable tax accountants keep close tabs on the ever-changing tax law landscape. They’ll dig deeper and uncover hidden deductions and tax breaks other firms might miss.
    • Managing Partner oversight. We take pride in the fact that every tax preparation we perform is overseen by at least one of RPB’s managing partners, so you can rest assured your taxes will be prepared with the utmost care.

Harnessing these advantages, our tax accountants can skillfully perform a multitude of tax preparation services for practically any type of organization, including:

From small businesses to multi-state corporations; from standard individual returns to the most complex high-net-worth individuals; from trusts, estates and gifts to exempt organizations; at Reilly, Penner, & Benton we can provide the tax services you need. Your taxes are our speciality.