Our clients are successful organizations that rely on us for financial reporting, tax strategies, and business counseling.

We assist a diverse base of growing and established privately and publicly held entities, non-profits, public and private schools and government agencies. Each client has different business and personal objectives. Some are trying to maximize corporate income and personal wealth. Others are trying to achieve their non-profit mission. Some are required to report to a regulatory body. Our clients depend on us to analyze results, inform them of pending regulatory and business climate changes, and act as their trusted advisors and sounding board.

Publically and privately held clients rely on us to help integrate their business and personal tax situation. Although maximizing profits is high on their list of goals, ensuring they legally minimize tax liability and continue to accumulate personal wealth is their primary objective. Publicly traded clients utilize our firm for benefit plan audits, taxes, internal controls, and independence related matters.

Non-profit, public and private schools, and government funded clients rely on us to properly report their financial information based on the rules and regulations of the agencies or groups that fund them. Ensuring reporting is on time and delivered in the proper format helps them better “sell” themselves, which retains funding and attracts new sources of revenue.