I discovered RPB during college with an opportunity for a summer internship. Because I grew up in a small town, working in Milwaukee was daunting to me, but the Firm seemed like it would be a great fit for me. During my internship, I developed a bond with everyone I worked with and could honestly see myself working there in the future. At the end of my internship I was offered a full-time position upon graduation. I accepted the offer without hesitation! RPB is the perfect size and is full of helpful people who are relatable, easy to talk to, and there to learn from. RPB provides great benefits and gives employees the ability to have a flexible balance between work and home life that other firms do not offer. The size of the firm allows new staff to advance quickly and be exposed to a variety of jobs, while still having the ability to ask questions of more experienced staff. I am truly grateful for the opportunities RPB has given me and the culture and staff that surround me.