RPB is one of the premier support providers for non-profit organizations. We provide financial reporting and advice for over 500 non-profit groups of all different sizes and missions. As your auditor or advisor, we will help you address governmental issues, assess your operating environment, interpret new regulations, and address compliance.

Compliance is only one objective. The reason to engage our firm is our value added ability to develop a financial reporting model that accurately tells your story. Every non-profit is competing for funding resources. As your auditor, we will help develop financial reporting to best reflect the success of your mission.

Prospective donors will want to invest in successful entities. One critical element reviewed when seeking grants or donations is does the entity seem financially stable? Will the entity be in business next year? Donors do not want to support organizations that may not stand the test of time regardless of the cause. A second and vital factor is accounting for how funds were managed. Donors want to know how much of every dollar actually gets spent on the mission being supported.

Our services include:

• Financial Statement Preparation
• Tax Return Preparation (990, 990T, 4T, etc.)
• Preparation of Registration Statements (RL308, 1952, etc.)
• Proxy Tax Matters
• Exempt Status Applications
• Operational Consulting
• Cash Flow Planning
• Financial Statement Audits
• Single Audits
• Compliance Audits
• Fraud

To learn more, please contact:

David Grotkin

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