Closely Held Companies

We tie together your personal and organizational financial picture. Our clients have individual investment returns, business gains, W2 wages, and other sources of income, as well estate and financial planning needs. To develop the best solution, we ensure we look at the whole picture and not just individual pieces.

A significant concern business owners have is the smooth continuation of his or her operations. We assist clients from their start-up stages through the later stages of succession and exit planning. During the course of each client’s business cycle, some may struggle, others grow at a rapid pace, and some take unique paths.

As your accountants and advisors, our role is to provide the type of reporting and advice needed to operate the business and accumulate personal wealth. Depending on what stage your business is at can determine what type of service you need. A younger operation may need more assistance helping form and refine processes. The owner of a mature entity may need a greater focus on succession and estate plans, and help preparing an exit strategy.

Whatever your situation is, our professional accountants and advisors can help walk you through the process and provide as much support and analysis as necessary.

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